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Hifz School

The Hifz Program at Al Ihsan started in Ramadan of 2008. The students do Hifz for the first half of the day. After lunch and recess, students are enrolled in an online program called K12 (Ohio Online Virtual Academy) where they are able to keep up with their academics for 2 hours of the day. The remaining work is completed at home with the parent. The structure of the Hifz School is very organized and student-centered.

Alhamdulillah, we have had 16 graduates from the Hifz Program. We congratulate all of them and ask Allah to make their revision easy. We are so proud of them and congratulate their teachers, parents, and family on this joyous occasion!

To find out more about the Hifz Program and/or K 12 Program, please call/email us and we will be more than happy to provide further information.

Hifz Program Director and Teacher:

Mrs. Ansam Suliman

Hifz Program Teacher:

Yasmeen Abu-Hussein

Hifz Program Teacher:

Mrs. Nsrin Alkhatib

K-12 Program Tutor:

Mrs. Fatima Noubani

K-12 Program Tutor:

Ms. Azera Haneef

Hifz School - Contact info:

Sheikh Ayham Abazid


K-12 Program - Contact info:

Dr. Sami Mohammed


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